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Amy Schumer candid about husband’s autism, love in Netflix comedy special
on 19th of Mar 2019 Amy Schumer did something unexpected in her new comedy special. No, we don’t mean that she flashed her underwear and pregnant belly — though she did that, too — but something much more

Michael Keaton Was a Stand-Up Before He Started Acting: ‘I Was So in Love with Comedy’
on 19th of Mar 2019 Michael Keaton almost had a very different career. The Dumbo actor, 67, stopped by the Ellen DeGeneres Show where he connected with DeGeneres, 61, on their comedy background. Turns out, Keaton did

Comedy superstars, Perth Amboy locals helping Kyle Grooms with brain tumor battle
on 19th of Mar 2019 “I can’t believe the comedy community, the Perth Amboy community, they all rallied for me. My friends, damn. I didn’t know the love was real — it’s unbelievable.” More than $80,000 has been raised so

‘Shrill’: Can This ‘Revolutionary’ Fat-Positive Comedy Inspire Industry
on 19th of Mar 2019 Banks answered the question by simply saying the Aidy Bryant comedy is “something that everyone can relate . The studio sent it to showrunner Alexandra Rushfield (“Parks and Recreation,” “Love”),

‘Good Boys’ Review: Raunchy Tween Comedy Has a Surprising Amount of Heart | SXSW
on 19th of Mar 2019 Jacob Tremblay proves he’s really good at goofy comedy and I’d love to see him do more like this. I also hope that Brady Noon and Keith L. Williams get a big boost from this flick. They’re

Love & Comedy: Garrison Keillor talks touring, semi
(Mar 2019) In mid-2016, Garrison Keillor shocked longtime fans when he left “A Prairie Home Companion,” the radio variety show he started in 1974. However, he hasn’t stopped working. The writer-radio host,

Issa Rae & LaKeith Stanfield To Star In New Romantic Comedy ‘The Photograph’
on 19th of Mar 2019 The flick will tell the tale of intertwining love stories which flourish in the present and past; it’s billed as one of the movies Universal is placing atop its priorities list this year thanks

‘Good Boys’ Film Review: Naughty Boys Need Love Too in Coming-of
(Mar 2019) When kids say the darnedest things, audiences laugh. There’s something inherently funny about children using adult language. Maybe it’s because many of us remember the scoldings we received from our

Ryan Cownie a future superstar in debut comedy album
on 19th of Mar 2019 There is much to love about I Can’t Die. There’s an energy in the room . Despite the continuity cloud enveloping the comedy, the stories are crafted in a creative and engaging way that you really

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