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Review: In ‘Smart Love’ in Venice, the dysfunctional family heads into sci
(Jan 2019) “Smart Love” at Pacific Resident Theatre appears destined to be a garden-variety dysfunctional family portrait, but then Brian Letscher’s new comedy unexpectedly pivots into a quirky take on romantic

This East Village barbershop is also a cutting
(Jan 2019) A comedy devotee who sees some 20 to 30 comedy . “My customers, the whole neighborhood, they love it,” says Sysoyev, 32. “We have room for everyone!” Lordi says he hopes to one day

There’s no law that said the Lucas Brothers couldn’t crack comedy
(Jan 2019) That’s when he had an epiphany. “I was like, what could I do that would make me happy and I would do strictly for the love and passion?” he says. The answer was comedy. “I love it, I enjoy the process

Noah tells the story of Trump and Pelosi’s unromantic comedy
(Jan 2019) Did you miss the melodramatic airport scene? Late-night comic Trevor Noah provides it in today’s Best of Late Night, above, as he compares the bickering between the two to a bitter love story. It woul

Netflix’s ‘Sex Education’ is a trans
on 19th of Jan 2019 It’s called “Sex Education” and it’s like a classic John Hughes high school comedy bloomed in the United Kingdom. “It’s very much a contemporary British love letter to American high school films,” say

Kourtney Kardashian Wants ‘To Be in Love’ Again, Jokes About Dating This Classic Rom
on 19th of Jan 2019 The 39-year-old reality star spent her Friday night watching the classic 1999 romantic comedy-drama, and couldn’t help but share . “I’m just a girl standing in front of a boy asking him to love her,

Rachel Brosnahan’s ‘SNL’ Debut As Host On Jan. 19 Got So Much Love On Twitter
Jan 20th, 2019 08:17 UTC Rachel Brosnahan’s SNL debut as host on Jan. 19 got some much deserved love on Twitter. I am beyond excited for her. Saturday Night Live’s very last episode of December 2018 kind of left me wondering:

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